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Ryan E.

Ryan E Edit
Director of Operations

Ryan E’s path to EyeWorks came by way of professional experiences in both technology companies and medical practices. That journey, which took him around the country, afforded him opportunities to work with cutting edge technologies, high-performing teams, and a window into the specific and specialized needs of persons with disabilities. Ryan was drawn to patient care, and shares that “along the way I realized I didn't have to be directly involved with patients to help them achieve a better quality of life-- that by supporting a smoothly functioning operation I could help team members and patients have satisfying experiences.” Originally from Florida, Ryan and his wife enjoy exploring Keene and the wider Monadnock Region on bikes and on foot. And while he does enjoy the great outdoors, he still enjoys nerdy pursuits indoors. We’ve kept a careful eye out for Vulcanian ears, but so far that “live long and prosper” phrase has been the sole suggestion that he may be an extraterrestrial humanoid.