Pair & A Spare 

Additional pairs of glasses can be invaluable — computer glasses, sunglasses, an alternate style, a pair for recreational use, or even a simple back-up pair.

Purchase an additional pair of glasses within 6 months of your original purchase from EyeWorks, and receive a $100 benefit toward single vision glasses and a $200 benefit toward multi-vision glasses.


There are many lens options when choosing glasses. Having the help of a well trained optician to consult with you is the best way to ensure great eyewear. Lenses come in many materials and designs, your EyeWorks optician will be able to analyze your prescription and advise you on the best lens design for you.

Here at EyeWorks, we choose to use lens designs from HOYA. Hoya lenses with EX3 AR coating offer the best scratch resistance and clarity. These lenses have a two year no fault warranty at EyeWorks.

If you are looking for the best vision and value for your dollar, EyeWorks uses Hoya Mystyle 2 and Lifestyle 2 lenses for progressive wearers. Hoya lenses provide a wide clear field of vision utilizing the best and latest in lens technology.

There are hundreds of progressive lens designs available. Making the right choice can seem daunting, however our opticians will evaluate your prescription and ask some lifestyle questions to determine the proper lens design for you.

The Hoya family of progressive lenses provide a wide and clear corridor of vision. The quality of lens design will show in the field of vision and comfort of vision while moving through the power changes in the lens. Without the proper fitting of progressives, lenses can not be made to provide optimum vision for you.

MyStyle 2 lenses

If you are looking for the most personalized lens available, then the MyStyle 2 lens is for you. Voted the best progressive lens by opticians, MyStyle 2 lenses are the only lens design that customizes both front and back surface of the lens to create the most optimum prescription lens for you.

LifeStyle 2 lenses

This is the standard progressive lens used by EyeWorks. The LifeStyle 2 progressive includes two categories of lenses:
Clarity lenses – A harder lens design that is good for new progressive wearers and hyperopic patients.
Harmony lenses – A softer lens design created for current progressive wearers and/or myopic patients.

Digital Lenses

Zeiss i-Scription

Do you have problems with glare, halos or streaks of light? If so, you may be a candidate for the i-Scription technology. During your eye exam at EyeWorks, we utilize an instrument called an i-Profiler. This technology is used to provide clear crisp vision while reducing peripheral blur and glare.

Hoya Free-Form

The latest in lens technology allows Hoya to create lenses that provide wider fields of vision. New lens designs create thinner lenses that reduce image size differences. A personalized consultation with one of our opticians is the best way to ensure you will have the correct lens for your prescription.

Computer Lenses

Hoya Tact

These progressive lenses are designed for computer users and patients who engage in visually intense work or hobbies. Combined with the recharge anti-reflective coating, this lens allows for clear comfortable vision in the work environment.

Single vision computer lenses

If you prefer to have only the computer as your working distance, single vision lenses optimized for 2 to 3 feet may be the best option for you.

There are many lens designs and options for patients that are experiencing Computer Vision Syndrome. Having a consultation with one of our opticians is the best way to ensure you will have the right lens for your situation.

EyeWorks vs Online

Many patients wonder what the difference is between ordering glasses online versus purchasing them at EyeWorks.  The value of eyewear is a function of several factors. Here is a list of the 10 best reasons to have us fill your prescription.

  1. Trained opticians: Having nationally certified opticians ensures we will fill your prescription exactly as your doctor has prescribed.  We have one of the best trained staffs in the country.
  2. Optical Consultation: Your optician is trained to give advice on lens design and frame fashion.
  3. Frame Quality: We take the time to find the best quality and most fashionable frames available. The materials from which they are constructed and the manufacturing process are contributors to the frame quality.
  4. Lens Quality: We use the most advanced lens designs with Hoya’s EX3 coating, which makes our lenses twice as scratch resistant as average lenses.
  5. Measurements: Maintaining the most current instrumentation and education for our opticians allows us to take measurements that provide the clearest vision possible. Click here to see our measuring device
  6. Lens Warranty: Our lenses have the best scratch resistance available and carry a no-fault warranty for two years.
  7. Warranty: Our frames hold a minimum one or two-year, no-fault warranty, depending on the designer.
  8. Customer satisfaction guarantee: If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your prescription or your frame choice, you have 30 days to make an exchange or receive a refund.
  9. Prescription verification: We make sure that your prescription was created at the lab the way the doctor prescribed and to national standards. Be aware that the eyewear offered by many online retailers do not meet national standards. Here at EyeWorks we have an in-house finishing lab that gives us the benefit of ensuring the optimal quality of your eyewear.
  10. Eyewear adjustments: We provide complimentary adjustments and minor repairs for the life of your eyewear purchase with us. Great fitting glasses provide the best vision and comfort.

Optical Service Plan

Our Optical Service Plan is included with any eyewear purchased here at EyeWorks. If, however, your eyewear was purchased elsewhere, the Optical Service Plan is available for an annual fee of $30. The plan includes the following benefits:

  1. Consultation from one of our opticians on the best way to fill your prescription, including lens materials, lens design, frame materials and frame style.
  2. Fitting measurements. We use digital measurements for optimal accuracy when making your eyewear.
  3. Verification of the prescription after your glasses are made. We will check the eyewear to ensure that they meet national ANSI standards.
  4. We will provide minor repairs, such as nose pads, replacement screws and temple tips.
  5. Your eyewear will be adjusted to provide you the best vision possible as well as optimal comfort.

Some online eyewear providers understand the importance of having your eyewear serviced and will reimburse you the Optical Service Plan.