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Zeaxanthin & Visual Performance Benefits:

Zeaxanthin and Visual Function (ZVF) Trial

(Richer, Stuart, et. al. - Journal of Optometry November 2011)

• 60 elderly subjects with early to moderate AMD

• Consumed 8 mgs of dietary zeaxanthin per day for 12 months

• Improved high contrast near visual acuity by 8.5 letters or 1.5 lines on an eye chart

• Achieved clearing of central scotomas

• Improved foveal shape discrimination

• Improved night driving skills

Macular Re-pigmentation Enhances Driving in Elderly Adults

(Richer, Stuart, et. al. - Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology April 2012)

• 60 elderly subjects with early to moderate AMD

• Consumed 8 mgs of dietary zeaxanthin per day for 12 months

• Self-described improvement of driving skills were strongly associated with macular re-pigmentation

• The greatest effect was seen with zeaxanthin

• Older male drivers with AMD are encouraged to have their foveal macular pigment measured annually

The Influence of Dietary Lutein and Zeaxanthin on Visual Performance

(Stringham, Hammond, et. al. - Journal of Food Science 2009)

• Retinal increase of zeaxanthin and lutein reduced glare disability through improved photostress recovery times. Contrast sensitivity also improved

• Glare induced photostress recovery times can be reduced by 5 seconds by increasing macular pigment via supplementation. This equates to 440 ft. of improved reaction time at 60 MPH while driving at night

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