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EyeWork's mission is to protect and preserve vision for our patients for life.  Studies of blue lights effect on our macula have prompted Optometrists to start looking at protection through the means of blue light filters on glasses and/or digital devices that are emitting lots of high energy blue light.  We also can help preserve our sight by increasing the macular pigment density through diet and/or supplements.  During your next eye exam, ask about how we can protect and preserve your vision.  

New technologies allow us to measure your pigment density and monitor changes.   Increasing your macular pigment density has been shown to protect and preserve the cells in the macula.  

Emergency Eyecare

New Patients Welcome

Please take a moment to check out our website.  You can schedule appointments, check in online, order contact lenses and purchase your eye supplements. If you are looking to make an appointment for a child under the age of 3, please call the office at 603-352-7803.

Please contact our office directly if you are having an Eye Emergency or call 911 for medical emergencies. * EyeWorks has after hours services available. 

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