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There are hundreds of progressive lens designs available.  Making the right choice can seem daunting, however your optician will evaluate your prescription and ask some lifestyle questions to determine the proper lens design for you.

The Hoya family of progressive lenses provide a wide and clear corridor of vision. The quality of lens design will show in the field of vision and comfort of vision while moving through the power changes in the lens.  Without the proper fitting of progressives, lenses can not be made to provide optimum vision for you.  That is why hoya progressives can only be purchased at an authorized Hoya lens provider. 

Mystyle lenses: If you are looking for the most personalized lens available, then the mystyle lens is for you.  Voted the best progressive len by opticians, mystyle lenses are the only lens design that customizes both front and back surface of the lens to create the most optimum prescription lens for you.

Lifestyle lenses: This is the standard progressive lens used by Eyeworks. The Lifestyle progressive is broken up into two categories of lenses. Clarity lenses are a harder lens design that is good for new progressive wearers and Hyperopic patients. Harmony lenses are a softer lens design created for current progressive wearers and/or myopic patients.

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Please take a moment to check out our website.  You can schedule appointments, check in online, order contact lenses and purchase your eye supplements. If you are looking to make an appointment for a child under the age of 3, please call the office at 603-352-7803.

Please contact our office directly if you are having an Eye Emergency or call 911 for medical emergencies. * EyeWorks has after hours services available. 

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