Digitally Surfaced Lens Upgrades

Spring feeling like a distant vision?


Greener days will arrive and we’ll help get you ready with a fresh look and better vision. 
Now through April 21st when you purchase a complete pair of glasses from EyeWorks we’ll upgrade your lens quality for free!
That’s a $100 upgrade for free.
Hoya’s Digitally Surfaced Lenses provide exceptional clarity of vision for all that you do and all that you see. 
And now through April 21, 2018, pay for Standard lenses and get Custom; buy Custom and get Personalized.
You know you’ve been wanting new frames and the latest in digitally surfaced lenses.
Come in now for your new look and better vision!

Multiple Pair

Additional pairs of glasses can be invaluable — computer glasses, sunglasses, an alternate style, a pair for recreational use, or even a simple backup pair.
Purchase an additional pair of glasses within 6 months of your original purchase from EyeWorks, and receive a $100 benefit toward single vision glasses and a $200 benefit toward multi-vision glasses.
Schedule an appointment or call us at 603-352-7803.